To all players in our SML Pool league community:

We hope that this message finds you doing well and that the current pandemic has not caused too much hardship for you or those close to you. At this time we would like to inform the SML pool league community that we have decided to postpone indefinitely our pool league tournament. With careful consideration to the operational difficulties of safely hosting a large event even if/when it was permitted, we have decided that at this time we will move forward with issuing refunds to the our pool league community. We are aware from the phone calls, emails and texts from many of our players that there are many differing opinions as to how these refunds should be processed. We would like to mention that wether we pay out the prizes as originally set up, refund the money based on what was paid in or any of the other options that were sent in has no economic effect on SML. For us it is simply a question of how the players want the prize fund distributed and we have no preference. We realize that no matter which solution we go with we will have some players who disagree but we will do our best to be as fair as possible. To initiate the process we would like players and teams to fill out the following survey.