Chlor Ultra For 1500-2000L HotTub

Spa Startup

Following the 3 basic principles of water care will ensure safe, clean, crystal clear water.

Ensure filtration is kept in optimal condition by rinsing filter periodically and cleaning filter every 4-6 weeks.
Maintaining a consistent pH of between 7.4-7.6 with the ideal range of 7.4-7.6 for the best bathing experience and to avoid costly damage from corrosion and/or scale formation.
Daily sanitation is recommended to ensure bathers are safe from harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Sanitizer levels for Chlorine should be between 3-5 ppm

Filling Procedures for a Worry Free Spa


  • Pour 60ml of SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4 in 1 as soon as spa is full and running.
    - This will remove presence of metals or minerals, that can cause staining
    - Aid sanitation by eliminating organic buildup and prevents scum lines
    - Eliminates phosphates and clarifies water preventing cloudiness
    - Wait 60 minutes before swimming and 15min before next step



  • Fill floating dispenser with SPA CHLOR ULTRA 1” tablets, adjust according. This will provide controlled dilution for daily sanitation 3-5ppm reducing maintenance at the spa. Consult with your Summer Smiles Professional for more details on dispenser adjustment.


  • It is time to take a water sample into your Summer Smiles Professional for a water analysis to ensure proper balancing procedures. Your dealer will ensure your levels are within the recommended ranges:
    - ALKALINITY recommended 125-150
    - CALCIUM HARDNESS recommended 100-200
    - pH recommended 7.4-7.6

    Using SPA ALKA PLUS to increase alkalinity by 10ppm add 32g / 1.5 tbsp.
    Using SPA CALCIUM PLUS to increase hardness by 50ppm add 220ml


  • 48 hours after starting step one remove the filter(s) and rinse. This will ensure any mineral and organic debris filtered out from performing steps above is completely removed from spa and filter, allowing for optimal filtration, water clarity and sanitizer efficiency.

Knowledge check

  • Total Dissolved Solids 1500-2500ppm
    Measure of the total dissolved solids in water, higher the levels are in wa-ter makes it harder for the treatment chemical to react causing cloudy and/or foaming water.
  • Free Chlorine range 3-5ppm
    Measure of active bacterial fighting chlorine in the water which has not combined with bacteria or organic matter to create CCL (combined chlo-rine, which causes chlorine smell
  • Potential Hydrogen range 7.4-7.6
    Measure of corrosive of alkaline tendencies in the water, keeping in the ideal range ensures bather com-fort and sanitizer efficiency.
  • Total Alkalinity range 125-150ppm
    Measure of alkaline material in water, aids in buffering pH and prevents corrosion or scale formation of spa surfaces in water.
  • Calcium Hardness 100-200ppm
    Measure of mineral hardness in wa-ter, prevents aggressive corrosion and/or breakdown of softer materials in spa water such as plastics or met-als.
  • Chemical Safety
    Never mix treatment chemicals together.
    Always add treatment chemical to water not water to chemical.
    Keep all treatment chemicals in a cool dry location.
    When not sure, read instructions on bottle or ask a retail professional.

Water Care Maintenance for Worry Free Spa

Daily / Periodic Checks before entering spa


  • Test pH to ensure levels are within range before entering spa. Adjust if necessary.


  • Test Sanitation (Free Chlorine) to ensure adequate levels before entering the spa. When levels are low (below 1ppm) add the following: Add SPA SHOCK ULTRA 3in1 pouch wait 15 min before using Or Add SPA CHLOR ULTRA 60g (4 tbsp) wait min 1hr before using,

Weekly Maintenance Procedures between 1,500-2,000L


  • Check pH and Alkalinity, Adjust parameters if necessary 32g (2 tbsp.) to raise by 10ppm. Wait 15 Minutes before processing if adjustments were made.


  • Add 2 Pouches of SPA SHOCK ULTRA 3in1 into spa water.
    This weekly Shocking treatment will remove impurities, organic waste and clarify your spa water.
    Add 60g (4 tbsps.) of SPA CHLOR ULTRA to spa water.
    This super chlorination will remove bacteria and increase sanitation bank.
    Wait 20 min before proceeding to next step


  • Pour 30ml of SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4in1 to spa water.
    SPA CLARITA ULTRA 4in1 performs the following:
    - Will remove presence of metals or minerals, that can cause staining
    - Aid sanitation by eliminating organic buildup and prevents scum lines
    - Eliminates phosphates and clarifies water preventing cloudiness
    Note: some clouding may occur this is normal and will dissipate after several minutes


  • OPTIONAL: Broadcast 80g (5 tbsps.) of SPA SOFT to spa water.
    Soft provides silky soft skin, protecting from dryness and irritation while opti-mizing sanitation and buffering pH.


  • Fill floating dispenser with SPA CHLOR ULTRA 1” tablets, adjust according.
    Wait 15 minutes before using spa.

    Rinse Spa Cartridges BI-WEEKLY or WEEKLY bases on bather load


If Bather Load (BL) is in excess of 4 times a week then it is recommended to add oxidiz-er to remove organic waste buildup, 1 tbsp. of SPA SHOK ULTRA to a max of 4 tbsp.

In high mineral (salt spas) or well water situ-ations its recommend when draining to flush your spa using SPA DRAIN ULTRA this will remove additional mineral buildup such as salt and calcium in the spa plumbing and equipment.

It is recommended when draining a spa to a sanitary system, backyard or storm drain to neutralize the sanitation levels and ensure the water is pH balanced. Use CHLOR OUT to neutralize any chlorine level before draining spa, not required if using SPA DRAIN ULTRA.

Based on bather load would determine the frequency of filter cleaning typically every 4-6 weeks while rinsing weekly when accessi-ble. Once a month the filter(s) should be cleaned using KLEAN FILTER this will ensure longevity of the filter(s) and improved water clarity and sanitizer efficiency.

We recommend on a yearly basis or during problem periods to do a purge, using SPA DRAIN ULTRA this will remove up to 99% of all organic, bacterial deposits and biofilm for a deep clean. This will allow for easier monthly maintenance and prolong the lifespan of your investment.

To ensure longevity of your spa cover keep the cover clean of debris, mold and mildew buy using KLEAN MULTI to clean you cover when needed this will protect and prolong the life of your spa cover.

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