Summer Smile Chlor Bundle

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This Chlor Bundle Package Is simple to use.  It sanitizes and maintains your hot tubs while enhance your water quality and comfort.

Kit includes :

– 1 bottle of Spa Chlor Ultra (800g) : water sanitizer to kill bacteria
– 1 bottle of Spa Shok Ultra 2-1 (12 weekly treatments) : water conditioner to help maintain water balance
– 1 bottle of Spa Soft (1kg) : water conditioner to enhance water quality


Summer Smile Chlor Bundle includes :

Spa Chlor Ultra (800g) is a chlorine based disinfectant that kills bacteria, viruses and pathogens in your hot tub water. It also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms in your hot tub water. Spa Chlor Ultra is designed to use in conjunction with our conditioner, Spa Shok Ultra 3-1.Together they work to condition and sanitize your hot tub water.

Spa Shok Ultra 2-1 (12 weeks treatment) is a water conditioning system exclusive to the Summer Smiles line of products.  It is a shok with a blend of oxidizing compounds, Spa Shok removes organic material in your hot tub water. Almost odorless, it helps maintain a more stable water balance. It’s easy and quick to use and leaves water clear and sparkling.

Spa Soft (1kg) is a granular product that enhances water quality and comfort. It produces pleasant, smooth feeling, silky water. Spa Soft has the ability to stabilize changes in pH and also prevents corrosion, scale and staining by keeping water in a balanced state which protects the hot tub equipment and fixtures.