Eliminate Plus 1 litre – Stain & Scale Inhibitor


Beachcomber Eliminate Plus is a concentrated formula that prevents the precipitation of Calcium Scale in your hot tub water. Calcium that becomes evident in water can have a scratchy feeling, and a cloudy appearance. Calcium can affix itself to hot tub equipment and fixtures, the Microfilter and the heater coil, inhibiting their performance. Eliminate Plus used as a preventative measure is an effective scale inhibitor. It is designed to use weekly.


  • When Eliminate Plus is added be sure the circulation system is on and is allowed to operate continuously for at least 6 hours before adding any chlorinating or brominating product
  • Start up : add 60 ml of Eliminate Plus per 1000 L of hot tub water
  • Weekly : add 30 ml of Eliminate Plus per 1000 L of hot tub water


  • Keeping your calcium level in range helps to ensure that the hot tub water doesn’t become unbalanced and cause damage to the equipment inside the hot tub. Use Beachcomber’s Protect to raise the calcium level in your hot tub. The ideal range is 150-200 ppm.
  • Add Beachcomber Eliminate on start up and the more concentred stain and scale inhibitor Eliminate Plus weekly directly to hot tub water, with the circulation system running.
  • Make sure you monitor the time between additions of Eliminate and Eliminate Plus (6-8 hours). Adding them too close together can cloud the hot tub water.


ELIMINATE PLUS™ is formulated to prevent stains and calcium scale in hot tubs and improves water clarity in hot tub water by sequestering metals. To be used as part of a preventative weekly program.

Available size : 1 L

pH : 1.5