Beachcomber Resist is a finely ground granular product that contains sodium bicarbonate. It raises the Total Alkalinity (TA) level in your hot tub water to prevent pH bounce, corrosion, scaling and staining. Total Alkalinity in the proper range (100-120 ppm) maintains the correct pH, makes the water ‘resist’ changes in pH and increases the effectiveness of the sanitizer.


  • Test Total Alkalinity level (correct range : 100-120 ppm). Beachcomber 6 Ways Water Test Strips
  • To raise Total Alkalinity by 10 ppm, add 18g per 1000 L
  • Add Resist to the centre of the hot tub

Total Alkalinity (100 – 120 PPM)

Total Alkalinity is a measure of alkaline salts in the water. It acts as a buffer to the pH, helping to hold the pH at 7.2 – 7.8. If the Total Alkalinity is low, the pH will tend to stay lower as well. If the Total Alkalinity is high, the pH will tend to drift higher. When the Total Alkalinity level is out of range, the result is a highly unbalanced water condition, which can cause damage to copper heater elements, light rings, stainless steel fittings, dials, ladders, and concrete pool surfaces.

What to do?

  • Increase Total Alkalinity with Beachcomber Resist
  • Decrease Total Alkalinity with Beachcomber pH Minus
  • Once water is balanced, add Beachcomber Soft to lock in parameters for a period of time.


RESIST™ 2 KGS helps water to resist changes in pH, and increases the total alkalinity of hot tub water to prevent pH fluctuations. Maintain a proper Total Alkalinity (TA) level of 100 – 120 ppm

pH : 8.3