Chlor Blast


CHLOR BLAST is a stabilized granular chlorine based sanitizer and oxidizer that controls the growth of bacteria and algae in hot tub waters and is ideal for regular oxidizing. CHLORINE has a relatively neutral pH value of 6.7
Available size : 900g
pH : 6.7


Beachcomber Chlor Blast is a granular chlorine based disinfectant product that kills bacteria, viruses, algae and pathogens in your hot tub water. It also prevents the future growth of these harmful organisms. It has an available chlorine content of 62%. An easy to use Chlorine product to keep your hot tub healthy and clean.


  • Test your water to maintain the recommended Chlorine level.  5 ways Water Test Strips
  • Fresh Fill : Super chlorinate a fresh filled hot tub by adding 20g of Chlor Blast or CHLOR ULTRA per 1000 L of hot tub water
  • Maintain water circulation at least 15 minutes before using
  • Maintain proper chlorine residual by adding 10g of granular Chlorine per 1000 L of hot tub water, daily or as needed