Ice Ball FX

Call for Price

Ice Ball FX has become the new standard for Alley Rollers, with over 50 improvements from the best-selling worldwide hit, Ice Ball.

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ICEBALL was designed with the operator in mind at all times, with unprecedented durability and serviceability in every area of the game.

It is a 10 ft. alley that has a remarkable number of great features ranging from the electronics, which were strategically placed in the front of the game. Changing the ticket settings, number of balls per play or bonus balls is all at your fingertips right at the front of the games. Furthermore, the materials used in ICEBALL are far superior. ICE uses a vinyl material for the alley itself; it is attractive and more importantly easier to clean. Optical sensors are used in the targets and you can adjust the point scoring levels with the push of a button. The replenishment of tickets is fast and easy with our unique drawer slide out system, this easy access method is also used on the coin drawer.