Brae Loch

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• Brunswick Certified Premium 1″ Slate
• Brunswick Cushion Rubber
• Pearlized Plastic Rail Sights
• High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction
• Nutmeg Finish


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This traditionally- styled and beautifully made Brunswick Brae Loch 8-Foot Billiard Table makes a
classic centerpiece for any game or family room. Traditionally styled in a nutmeg finish, the Brae Loch
billiard table features a double-arched base with ball-and-claw legs. Durable, classic design crafted to
last, the Brae Loch frame is constructed of superior engineered and select veneered hardwood. Classic
in style, this table has Brunswick slate accents and camphor burl inlays with a double arch. Shield style
pockets for a traditional look.