Care Free Boost 900 gram


Beachcomber Care Free is a water conditioning system exclusive to the Beachcomber line of products. With a pH of 2.5 and a blend of oxidizing compounds, Care Free removes organic material in your hot tub water. Almost odorless, it helps maintain a more stable water balance, leave the water cleaner, and maximize your filter’s performance. It’s easy and quick to use and leaves water clear and sparkling. Care Free is designed to use in conjunction with Care Free Boost, our sanitizer. Together, they work to condition and sanitize your hot tub water.


Start up (fresh water fill)

  • Use Eliminate to prevent staining and scaling caused by minerals, if required.
  • Test your water : Free available Chlorine (3-5 ppm), pH (7.2 -7.8), Total alkalinity (100-120 ppm), Calcium Hardness (150-200ppm) – 5 Way Freshwater Test Strips
  • Initiate start up using an approved sanitizer such as Care Free Boost. Refer to the directions for use of the sanitizer product used. Ensure sanitizer is added directly into your hot tub with circulation system running
  • Add 74g of Care Free per 1000 L of hot tub water by dissolving product in circulating water near the centre of the hot tub
  • After 48 hours, rinse the filter cartridge with water
  • Test for Free available Chlorine (3-5 ppm) or higher “Total Chlorine” reading with a test kit

  • Use 74g of Care Free per 1000 L once a week for typical hot tub usage, and use an approved sanitizer such as Care Free Boost, weekly accordingly to label instructions.
  • Allow hot tub to circulate for 15 minutes before entering your hot tub
  • Test weekly using a test strip for Free available Chlorine (3-5 ppm) or higher “Total Chlorine”


CARE FREE BOOST 900 g is a chlorine based sanitizer that controls the growth of bacteria and algae in hot tub waters and when paired with CARE FREE form the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. Add after each use or weekly as needed.  Care Free Boost 900g is also available in 2KG size.